Pruf Cultivar Cannabis PDX Investments

Prūf Cultivar

Prūf Cultivar uses cutting-edge cannabis cultivation technology, led by an expert team passionate about strain maintenance to preserve an essential human element in the process. Each of our strains is thoughtfully chosen to accentuate flavors and deliver a unique experience. We combine high-tech facilities with high-touch methods to overturn conventions and establish an elevated vision for the cannabis industry. Prūf Cultivar strains are grown in a technologically advanced facility in the Pacific Northwest. Prūf master growers and agricultural experts collaborated with environmental engineers to design and manufacture our exclusive grow habitats—each a sustainable system that mirrors modern clean-room technology, once reserved only for the biotechnical industry. We have precise control over the environment in which our plants grow.

Groundworks Industries PDX Investments

Groundworks Industries

As one of the largest operators in the state of Oregon and top tier entrant into California, Groundworks Industries rethinks, redefines, and sets the bar for progressive cannabis culture through artistic vision, scientific rigor and world-class talents. Their vertically integrated model includes production, processing, wholesale distribution, and retail. Groundworks Industries trademarked and recognized brands include Serra, Electric Lettuce and Pruf Cultivar.

Serra PDX Investments


Serra is leading the retail cannabis industry by providing a wholesale model to deliver the very best quality product and the most knowledgeable, artful experience while breaking stereotypes associated with cannabis culture.

1450 SW Marlow Ave, Portland, OR 97225 PDX Investments

Electric Lettuce

Electric Lettuce is an experimental brand, carefully and thoughtfully curated dispensary focused on value through nostalgia and discovery. Electric Lettuce dispensary embraces and combines nostalgia and value through visually designed environments highlighting the history of marijuana use between 1965 and 1971.


Phylos is a new kind of agriculture company filled with the next generation of plant scientists. They’re transforming the cannabis industry with unparalleled data, technology, and expertise. With the application of modern statistical techniques and genomic tools, they believe this plant will change how we think about our health, our communities, our food supply, and our environment.